It is aimed at all types of businesses, especially for:


  • Companies that have CSR programs
  • Companies which belong to Multinational Companies and whose headquarters forces them to have Compliance programs
  • To all those businesses which have to protect their exposure to criminal risks in relation to the new reform of the Penal Code.
  • Listed companies or in the electronic market, which must comply with the Unified Code of Good Governance of the CNMV.
  • Companies who want to have a direct communication channel to the Management (As a reporting channel or as a Speak Up for suggestions, process improvement and consultations on Ethical Code).
  • Companies with specific quality standards (SGE21).
  • Companies that support international initiatives such as The Global Compact
  • Companies who want to mitigate their risks with the most effective tool in combating fraud.

We work with the following partners: 

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