What is i2 Ethics - Reporting Channel?

i2 Ethics is a confidential reporting channel against malpractices for use by the company’s groups of interest that the company designates. (Employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, etc.)


The service consists of receiving complaints through various means subject to the customer’s choice:

  • A customizable web application in a domain to the customer’s choice (Advanced Service)
  • A web application in an exclusive domain (Essential Service)
  • E-mail address
  • PO BOX
  • Phone solutions tailored to the customer’s needs (Call-Back or Hotline)

All with the primary complaints’ management made by the professional team of i2 Ethics.


i2 Ethics ensures that communications received will be analyzed by our professionals who will take them to the strictly necessary people in the process of investigation and resolution (Ethics Committee appointed by the company or the responsible person for the affected category).

Having an external manager for such services guarantees independence and confidentiality, and forms a barrier between the company and the complainant.


External management provides security to the complainant, thus reducing the fear of reporting a complaint.

We work with the following partners: 

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