Reporting Channel’s Effectiveness

The ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), in its "Report to the Nation 2016" makes a data collection by surveys conducted to partners, which can help us to know and to appreciate Reporting Channels.

According to this analysis, companies discover fraud according to the following chart.

These results are compared with the results obtained in the 2014 and 2012 analysis.



Where does a company get information about what happens? 

The hints that employees provide are the company’s largest source of information. The absence of a confidential communication line and external for the employee which provides security and confidence can cause that this important information is not transmitted to the organization



Reporting Channels’ incidence in organizations

The presence or absence of Reporting Channels has an important impact on the way of discovering the Fraud.

The organizations with any Communication Channel have as a main method detecting the clues provided by employees, suppliers, customers, etc. There is a great disparity between companies with Reporting Channels and those which do not have them, in the discovery of the frauds.

In those companies that have a means of communication with employees, 47.3% of fraud is discovered through the information provided by an employee, supplier or customer. For organizations that do not have reporting channels, this way of detection is reduced to 28.2%.



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