How is confidentiality guaranteed?


Confidentiality towards the complainant

i2 Ethics ensures that communications received will be analyzed by our professionals, who then will transfer them only to persons strictly necessary to perform the process of investigating and resolving them.


The company may choose between two types of treatments using protocols provided by i2 Ethics:

  • That the complaints received by the person or ethics committee from the company include personal data of the complainant
  • That complaints do not include any personal data or location from the complainant ("anonymisation of the complaint report")

By outsourcing the reception of complaints through a specialized and independent company, the company can ensure that the complainants’ and respondent’s data are not disseminated or known by people who should not know them.

We have procedures and mechanisms for receiving, filtering, sorting and resolution of received complaints, according to the criteria required by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

This contributes to the Channel’s efficiency, as the complainants feel protected and lose their fear of reporting.


Confidentiality towards the customer

i2 Ethics is responsible for processing the data owned by the clients’ company.

All actions taken by the Ethics i2 personnel must have the customer’s prior authorization (either through initial or protocols or through specific authorizations).

i2 Ethics team has signed non disclosure and confidentiality clauses (a model of it is available for our customers)

The web application is a self-development and it is managed by staff from i2 Ethics, which ensures that there are no third parties which may be involved in the process.

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